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25oz/750ml Single Wall Stainless Steel Sport Bottle (Silver)


Item Name: 25oz/750ml Single Wall Stainless Steel Sport Bottle (Silver)
Item No: BW69S-750

This adorable newly launched bottle is single-layered. It's much lighter and more portable, and still very sturdy and perfect for everyday use. With this bottle, you can always carry your favorite drinks to keep yourself hydrated when you are hiking, biking, and camping or during other outside activities. It won’t add too much extra weight to your bag.

For personalization, this bottle comes with a large printing area for presenting your designs by sublimation printing. Attractive designs and catchy sayings can be imprinted on the blank bottle to make it cooler and personalized!

Product Info
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Silver
Size: 22h*7.2cm
MOQ: 3000

Printing Instructions
For BestSub JTrans Sublimation Oven
Printing parameters for reference: 160℃, 6 mins
1. Preheat the oveb for 30 mins, print design on the sublimation paper, mirror image;
2. Wrap the bottle with heat shrink film, heat the film to make it shrink and wrap the bottle more tightly;
3. Put the bottle into the oven.

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